Audio sounds good on digital

As radio stations make their live programs more sharable by filming them, more apps use sound as their core feature… Two recent articles in French highlight the rise of audio content on the digital world.

>> “Radio under the spotlight”
in Le Monde (23/10/2014)

Most radios in France are now offering video recording of their live programs. It attracts a young audience and makes radio content more shareable on social network and, obviously, on Youtube. Europe 1 now puts 15 hours of program online each day. This includes live streaming, replays and short clips. Over the years, filming has became more sophisticated with changes of angles and some sense of rhythm.

Les radios sous un nouvel éclairage

>> “Audio content is the next digital trend”
in “Méta-Media”, a blog about digital at France Televisions (26/10/2014)

Audio might become the next digital big thing and some mobile apps are using sound as their core functionality.

Bobler is a voice sharing application, described as the “audio Instagram” (Yappie, in the UK and the US, have a similar concept)

Transprose automatically associates text with melody. A sort of “emotional translation of words”.

Momenta is a fun app that let you take a photo with the surrounding noise of when the pic was taken.

L’audio, prochaine tendance numérique ?

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